In 7 Years, 60 Million Will Work For Themselves

In a study published by Intuit recently, they’ve projected that 1 in 6 people will be self-employed or freelance by the year 2020.  The report “authored by Emergent Research in partnership with Intuit Inc., explores the demographic, social, economic and technology trends that will affect consumers and small businesses, and those who serve them over […]

The Fact of Income Disparity

This is not about taxing the rich, or redistributing wealth via some other government program. This is not about minimum wage laws. This is about individuals learning to freely fix a problem, by elevating themselves to the position where they have sway over these matters. I am in favor of capitalism and a free economy.  If you Google “the […]

1000 Words: The Minimum Wage

1000 Words Summed Up Pictured above is an “art piece” by Blake Fall-Conroy, entitled “Minimum Wage Machine” The artist’s website says: The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.97 seconds, for $7.25 an hour (NY state minimum wage). If the participant stops turning […]


Hello, this is the first post on this site, but there will be many more to follow. Catholic Home Business (CBH) is here to encourage Catholic families to embrace their faith earnestly, boldly, and faithfully. One of the biggest challenges many young Catholic families face is the balance between having enough money to care for […]