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Why Catholics Need To Own Their Own Business (Even if you still have a job, too)

The Catholic Principle of Distributism, championed by the likes of G. K. Chesterton, says that the means of production (i.e. business) should be dispersed (or distributed) into as many hands as possible. Even 150 years ago, everyone was an implicit distributist, because nearly everyone farmed, or ran a business that supported farming. As we've urbanized and suburban-ized, we've fallen into a complacent attitude of merely working for others, and this is dangerous. You need to control your own income, so that you can support your family, but most people today have no clue how to start a meaningful business that can generate even $10,000/month (which would allow the church to tithe like crazy!)
There are a variety of ways to start a business, and on this site, we're going to share with you a few of them that we personally are engaged in)